Information Technology Projects

Safety Software Requirements, Selection, and Implementation

Assisted multiple airport clients to assess budget, system, and process requirements to purchase commercial software systems to support the development of a new safety initiative. Developed system, security, cost requirements, authored request for information (RFI) and request for proposal (RFP) documents, established selection criteria, negotiated software support agreements, and led the software implementation project.

Airport Ramp Tower Systems Implementation

Managed and led a complex, multi-system software and hardware implementation for a large hub airport ramp tower project. Implemented systems included commercial and FAA data distribution feeds (requiring FAA negotiations and data distribution approvals). A total of six key systems were implemented on a fast track program from July 2006 through January 2007. Typical system implementation duration is from 1 to 2 years. Systems included: surface management (ASDE-X), flight approach (commercial system), flight departure (FDIO), communication (digital voice switch), video monitoring, voice recording system, and high tech FAA standard system monitor displays.

Maximo Business Case and Procurement

Developed a comprehensive business case and implementation strategy to upgrade an existing Maximo system for a client. The three-year multi-million project included conducting a thorough cost analysis, collecting system and functional requirements (such as mobile solutions), investigating data quality audits and reporting features, coordinating with the vendor for software and database license agreement options, developing a project implementation plan and schedule, creating a system integration and data quality test plan (with technical assistance), and developing a contingency and risk management plan with mitigations. Landry Consultants provided multiple program options in addition to system consolidation, including the expansion of Maximo to the client’s information technology department. Also led the procurement process, including license agreements; project team selection; project plan development including architecture, network, and hardware (mobile devices included); schedule; testing; and end user aviation and consortium development.

Banking Debit Card Program

As part of a $40 million debit card migration project in which 10 million customer cards were converted from Visa to MasterCard, managed all vendor and internal training for the back office debit card team. Developed and deployed a customized training program for hands-on instruction; managed technical authoring of business procedures, curriculum, and references; and delivered a comprehensive operation’s guide to support new business processes. Deployed training to more than 350 staff in virtual and onsite settings including PC labs.

University Billing and Financial Aid Program

Performed a best practice research and re-design effort to ensure due diligence that billing documents were effective for both on-line and paper-based use. Samples from representative university systems were reviewed and compiled, and prototypes were built to demonstrate proposed changes. As part of the re-design process, two student account statements were merged into a single format. A set of standards (terminology, format, etc.) was compiled to ensure consistency across all electronic and paper forms. The review process resulted in a better understanding of student admission, registration, financial aid, and billing functions, timelines, and gaps; new processes were implemented in conjunction with the electronic billing and payment solution.

Department of Defense Custom Oracle Software Program

Managed a $3.5 million software project to develop a technical solution for a nation-wide Navy skill-based training initiative. The application was developed to consolidate and merge all data elements into a single qualification and certification training application to ensure consistent staff training and to identify staff/fleet readiness for wartime deployments. Directed all aspects of technical development and reporting activities including earned value management system (EVMS) cost tracking. Developed project control processes and procedures and due diligence to eliminate timeline and budgetary risks. Managed technical and business issue resolution, provided project strategies and solutions, directed 18 technical staff, delivered project status presentations to upper management, and provided overall project assurance and quality management.

Oil and Gas Data Management

Oversaw data management of a Greater Prudhoe Bay operation that produces over 17% of the nation’s oil. Served as liaison between senior management, IT support, and 250 engineering/geosciences staff members. Developed long-term strategies and corresponding cost models. As part of an oil & gas company merger, reviewed and revised data management principles and processes to increase efficiency and assisted end users in better understanding of the data repository. Resolved data management issues, determined methodologies, and set standards. Recommended and negotiated budget expenditures for projects, equipment and software.

General Technology Consulting Services

Performed diverse range of consulting services for $300 million technology solutions and staffing company. Consulted on projects for system and business integrations, technology selections, education needs assessments, service improvement evaluations, and user needs interface design solutions. Developed and deployed software merger matrices using business and technical ranking criteria.

Internet Design and Development Services

Managed projects and client relationships for the implementation of Internet, intranet, extranet, media, and training services. Oversaw key program/project functions including financial tracking/reporting, budgeting, scope management, change control, and resource planning all driven by PMI and internal processes.